World-renowned suppliers of quality macadamia nuts

Valley Macadamias Sales has two decades of experience in buying and selling quality premium and commercial macadamia nuts in both kernel and dry nut-in-shell as well as related products. We’re committed to mutually rewarding relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Our reputation as a world-leading macadamia merchant is a result of

  • Vast community of suppliers

  • Global network of customers

  • Deep understanding of the international nut market

  • Quality products that meet international food standards (HACCP/ BRC)

  • Range of macadamia nuts and products and bespoke packaging styles

  • Flexibility to meet our customers’ unique requirements

  • Excellent customer service

  • On time deliveries

  • Competitive prices

Frequently purchased items

Macadamia dry nut-in-shell
Macadamia raw kernel
Specialty macadamia products